FEM is an award winning agile agency that has perfected the technical and creative project management approach. If you have a new project come to us early and you can save yourself frustration by choosing us first. We specialize in highly customized, complex features and clean code, we build a unique web and mobile app experience to fit your needs. We have extensive experience with Drupal, WordPress, Android and iOS javascript,development through all phases of the product life cycle.

Find out why. I get results on par or better than the best Android, Drupal and WordPress development companies and agencies in New York, at rates that other agencies have a hard time matching due to their layers of inefficient non technical management.  I develop my own proprietary technologies for ecommerce solutions and using WordPress as a backend for Android and iOS mobile apps.

You could go to Code and Theory and get an overpriced cloned site that is outsourced to someone like me. Or you can go directly to the talent who has a network of peers like him.  Reach out and get an assessment now to see the most efficient approach to take on your project. We specialize in, iOS, Android, Drupal, WordPress, REST APIs, HTML5 and the latest Javascript frameworks (node.js, angular.js, ember.js, ).

Alex also works as a freelance developer for agencies view his resume timeline.


Six months ago or so it clearly stated in the Drupal docs to NOT create D8 modules do to the API not being finished. But still right and left there were people developing and porting D8 modules, clients were asking for it as experience and there was a log of hype. I decided to try my hand at it and had a working module as of 6 months ago. When I finally got GIT access 6 months later to push my changes to Fancy Login, It had stopped working on the latest D8 build. This article covers the latest changes to the API made during this period and the changes I had to make to do last minute API changes.
module Fancy Login.

1. moved file FancyLoginSettingsForm.php from folder fancy_login/src to fancy_login/src/Form folder

2. in FancyLoginSettingsForm.php file changed translate functions functions t(). for example

t('Text !url.', array('!url' => 'background-

color')) to t('Text background-color', array('@url' =>


3. Moved the function user_login_block_ajax_callback from file FancyLoginSettingsForm.php to

fancy_login.module file.

4. Moved libraries such as




from FancyLogin_loginForm.php file to fancy_login.module file.

5. Deleted library

use Drupal\Core\Ajax\AppendCommand;

from FancyLogin_loginForm.php file.

6. Moved function ser_pass_ajax_callback from FancyLogin_passForm.php file to fancy_login.module


7. Moved library

use Drupal\lightbox_login\Ajax\lightboxLoginClosePopupCommand;

from FancyLogin_passForm.php file to fancy_login.module file.

8. In folder fancy_login/src/Plugin/Block

a) Added rows


* @file

* Contains \Drupal\fancy_login\Plugin\Block\FancyLoginBlock.


to FancyLoginBlock.php file.

b) Changed code from

$GLOBALS['user']->isAnonymous() || !empty($GLOBALS['menu_admin'])



in build function in FancyLoginBlock.php file.

9. In folder fancy_login/src/Controller

a) Deleted function

drupal_process_attached($form) in ajax_callback function in FancyLoginController.php file.

b) Changed row

$scripts = _drupal_add_js();


$scripts = drupal_js_defaults();

in ajax_callback function in FancyLoginController.php file.

10. In fancy_login.module file

a) in functions user_login_block_ajax_callback and user_pass_ajax_callback

changed argument to no longer pass by reference from

array &$form



b) in functions user_login_block_ajax_callback and user_pass_ajax_callback

changed rows

$messages = array('#theme' => 'status_messages');

$messages = drupal_render($messages);


$renderer = \Drupal::service('renderer');

$messages = array('#type' => 'status_messages');

$messages = $renderer->renderRoot($messages);

c) in function user_login_block_ajax_callback

chnged row

$response->addCommand(new AppendCommand('#lightbox_login_user_login_block_wrapper',



$selector = '#fancy_login_user_login_block_wrapper';


$response->addCommand(new Ajax\AppendCommand($selector, $messages));

d) in function user_pass_ajax_callback

changed row

$response->addCommand(new AppendCommand('#lightbox_login_user_pass_block_wrapper',



$selector = '#lightbox_login_user_pass_block_wrapper';


$response->addCommand(new Ajax\AppendCommand($selector, $messages));

e) in function fancy_login_page_bottom

changed row

GLOBALS['user']->isAnonymous() || !empty($GLOBALS['menu_admin'])



f) in function fancy_login_page_bottom

changed row

$login_path = \Drupal::service('path.alias_manager')->getAliasByPath('user/login');


$login_path = \Drupal::service('path.alias_manager')->getAliasByPath('/user/login');

g) in function fancy_login_page_bottom

changed row

'callback' =>



'callback' => 'user_login_block_ajax_callback',

h) in function fancy_login_page_bottom

changed row

'callback' => 'Drupal\lightbox_login\Form\lightboxLogin_passForm::user_pass_ajax_callback',


'callback' => 'user_pass_ajax_callback',

11. In folder fancy_login/js in file fancy_login.js

changed all methods to use each in JQuery

$("body").once("fancy-login-init", function () {


$("body").once("fancy-login-init").each(function () {

All of these changes were necessary to the module began to work.

Hope after we got this official D 8 release – we will not get such global changes in future.


Continuing with our posts, on our WordPress/Drupal to mobile app conversion software, here is a more technical post explaining how we integrated the Facebook SDK into our wrapper technology tallow native single sign on from your app homescreen.

The steps are as follows.
1. Download SDK
2. Create Facebook App
3. App Settings
4. Add SDK
5. Configure Xcode
6. Connect Application Delegate
7. Add App Events

1) Download the SDK and unzip the archive to ~/Documents/FacebookSDK.

2) If your app is not yet registered with Facebook and has an app ID, you should create it. You can share an app ID across platforms from this link :- https://developers.facebook.com/?advanced_app_create=true

3) 1. Select Settings in App Dashboard.

  1. Click Add Platform and choose iOS.
    2. Then provide your Bundle Identifier in the Bundle ID field.
    3. Enable Single Sign On.
    4. Click Save Changes

4) To add the SDK in Xcode:

  1. Open ~/Documents/FacebookSDK
    2. Drag the FBSDKCoreKit.framework to Frameworks in Project Navigator. Create a new group Frameworks if it does not exist.
    3. Choose Create groups for any added folders.
    4. Deselect Copy items into destination group’s folder. This references the SDK where you installed it rather than copying the SDK into your app.

The SDK automatically loads its framework and resource dependencies.

5) Now configure the .plist for your project:

  1. In Xcode right-click your .plist file and choose “Open As Source Code”.
    2. Copy & Paste the XML snippet into the body of your file (<dict>…</dict>).
    3. Replace:

fb{your-app-id} with your Facebook App ID and the prefix fb. E.g.: fb123456.
{your-app-id} with your Facebook App ID.
{your-app-name} with the Display Name you configured in the app dashboard.


6) To post process the results from Facebook Login or Facebook Dialogs (or any action that requires switching over to the native Facebook app or Safari) you need to connect your AppDelegate to theFBSDKApplicationDelegate. In your AppDelegate.m add:

– (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application openURL:(NSURL *)url sourceApplication:(NSString *)sourceApplication annotation:(id)annotation {
   return [[FBSDKApplicationDelegate sharedInstance] application:application

7) Add App Events

The SDK is installed and set up. The easiest way to test your implementation is to add App Events to your app. App Events help you understand the makeup of people who engage with your app. This is done by logging events via one of 14 predefined events such as ‘added to cart’ in a commerce app or ‘level achieved’ in a game, or any custom events you can define.
Log App Activations
A basic example is to log app activations. To do so add the following code snippet to yourAppDelegate.m:

– (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions

   [FBSDKAppEvents activateApp];

After that while clicking on some button add this code :—


FBSDKLoginManager *login = [[FBSDKLoginManager alloc] init];
   [login logInWithReadPermissions:@[@”email”] handler:^(FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResult *result, NSError *error) {
       if (error) {
           // Process error
       } else if (result.isCancelled) {
           // Handle cancellations
       } else {
           // If you ask for multiple permissions at once, you
           // should check if specific permissions missing
           if ([result.grantedPermissions containsObject:@”email”]) {
               // Do work
               } else
                   NSLog(@”Not granted”);
               NSLog(@”Response:: %@”, result.grantedPermissions);
               [FBSDKProfile enableUpdatesOnAccessTokenChange:YES];

Congratulations Facebook integration is now complete!. You can create API’s and add your own logic for FB integration in any app.

One reason WordPress has been gaining exponentially on Drupal over the past few years has partly been because of the massive amount of premium themes and plugins available. Slick themes with easy admin UIs and plenty of options, they are mobile responsive and have slick JQuery/Ajax integration using some of the best plugins. Drupal simply does not have this industry that has grown up around WordPress theming. Though Drupal is catching up and there are plenty of themes available for now at least WordPress has won the hearts and minds of the majority, particularly those without much technical expertise and it has proved the clear winner for small businesses and those who really do not want to get their hands dirty.   Drupal 8 has done a lot to cater more to the end user but we will have to see how that plays out.

The dark of all these theming and plugin options  is separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak. This is also the case with the myriad of plugins available. While drupal.org, has a peer reviewal system similar to those of scientific journals which vets every piece of code before it makes it onto Drupal.org, WordPress does not have this, and finding trusted code is about as easy as navigating the wild west. There are plenty of good resources out there but it is easy to get lost in sea of for profit plugins and themes available out there, recently I have been helping out at Themeshift.com a different way to think about the theming marketplace. Rather than display every single theme that has ever been made and make the user sort through endless options, Themeshift has a few carefully selected and curated premium themes chosen by expert WordPress developers. I have been in the position where I was waiting on clients to choose a theme, and they spend hours wading through Google, when they eventually do settle on one they like they end up purchasing one or too more until they find something they actually want to use. Themeshift takes a different view with a “curated” approach. Here the developers behind the site have taken the time to develop and choose themes that are AAA and that fit a wide variety of needs. A developer curated theming website which provides exceptional support and it is easy to reach actual humans if you have questions. It is in effect a premium segment of the “premium WordPress theme” demographic. For those that want the best and don’t want to be dealing with agents who often experience communication or cultural issues. With teams based out of both NYC and Germany Themeshift caters to a high end cleintele of developers and end users who want to buy themes from individuals they know are available and are up to date with the latest technology and design trends. Check it out and let me know what you think of my new venture, all feedback is taken into consideration!


My passion is solving tough problems by thinking outside of the box.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of creative and technical excellence. Every client, regardless of the size or scope of project, can expect nothing but the best customer service and professionalism.

We use strategy, design and technology to create value and reach your goals. Our experience, track record, and clear focus ensures a high quality solution each and every time.

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  • Alex was a great asset to help finish our Drupal development project. He was knowledgeable, flexible and always tried to find a solution that would work in our current environment. He delivered on time and was always open to making additional modifications when needed. Because of his skills we were able to launch on time and within budget. I would recommend him to any company as he is easy to work with and gets the job done. Thanks Alex! ~Internet Society

  • Alex handles all of the back office details of our somewhat complex website system. He is able to manage the sites as well as help out when we need to develop something new. He’s willing and able to teach staff how to do things we need to understand to handle our content management systems in both WordPress and Drupal. He also is on call pretty much round the clock should any system have trouble. So happy to have him on our team. ~Pratt Center

  • Alex is Drupal master with top notch skills and seasoned experience. He is focused, dedicated and is a great team player. A huge asset to any dev team. And a mean banjo player. ~Wanderlust Festival



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