creative engineering

I am a developer designer and creative director who can get any job done and bring your dreams into realty pixel by pixel.
  • HTML5/Javascript integration with any CMS

  • Responsive HTML5 design

  • secure custom drupal development

  • converting existing sites from static html or custom cms to wordpress


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* UX Samples

Samples of Alex’s UX work can be found here.

* HTML5 Mobile Apps

I recently created an HTML5 iPad app for Cline Davis and Mann’s subsidiary AgencyRX. Ad agency reps wanted a portable and stylish way to present their informational materials (PI) to their clients. The informational materials on the prescription drug Revlimid (for previously treated multiple myelemoma) were translated to HTML and presented in an HTML5/CSS3/Javascript layout built to strict specifications regarding how the application should interact with the user. Mockups also created by me can be viewed here.

I am also creating an HTML5 calculator app with a graph, created in JQuery Mobile, that will be wrapped in phonegap to create a native app.

* Wanderlust Festival HTML5 interactive Map (with Root Down)

Alex worked with Arthur Shim at Root Down to overhaul the Wanderlust website to include a HTML5 compatible interactive homepage app. The project is still in progress and more mobile features are being rolled out.

* Digipowers (Hearst, USA BMX, Handelgroup)

Tech lead and developer for Digipowers. Developed HTML5 ajax solutions for Hearst’s best seller “Seven Years Younger” and a Drupal site for USA BMX. Alex also headed up all SEO for these projects.

* Internet Society

Created Drupal site for the Internet Society, a private messaging system software platform for internet society members to communicate.

view live site

* Lands’ End Canvas

Created HTML5 slider for Lands’ End Canvas, see one here


Free Energy Media converted from a basic custom CMS with many limitations to a powerful WordPress install.

* (Digipowers))

Led the team and development as VP of Technology at Digipowers, to build a fully responsive HTML5 Drupal website for the public facing portion of .

* Other Projects

Alex was a developer for The Deli Magazine’s, website. The main website runs on Drupal and the corresponding audio blog runs on WordPress. The Deli Magazine is one of the most high tech and innovative music blogs online. The project includes module development and theming. Currently working on a responsive web app to track ones health goals and be used for personal growth. Countless other small projects could be listed here but there isn’t time for them all.

* Pratt Center

The Pratt Center reached out to Alex to handle all of their back office sys admin work and to continue development on their Drupal and WordPress sites.