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Too many websites claim to be able to turn your website into a mobile app but not one of them deliver results as expected, the simple truth is you can’t automate the process, it will always leave something to be desired. Our software couple with custom implementation can turn your Drupal or WordPress website into a mobile feeling app. With native login functionality the user does not need to repeatedly login to the app giving the illusion of a 100% native mobile app from a website that lies behind a login.   After logging in once the user simply clicks the homescreen icon and will be taken to the authenticated/logged in website area. All viewed from within a native iOS or Android wrapper. Custom offline messages and native navigation can all be implemented out of the box with our software. The overall time to implement the basic service for your app is $3000, the source code is yours forever with no annual fees, and you publish directly from your developer account. This services service will get you better results than an automated do-it-yourself platform,and also authentication and login which platforms like Appresser can’t do. To convert a a website/webapp the one click homescreen icon app experience.  The API currently exists for Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 sites. App software is written in both native iOS (Objective C) and Android (Java) code.


  1. Quality: At a large agency you are often at least one step removed from the brains behind the work, the client never knows exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Because the managers are not technical themselves they have little idea of what exactly is going on with the actual development. The digital agency of today speaks a different language than agencies past.  Managers usually depend on and trust a few developers, often brought on via contract through a recruiter and have no way of checking the quality of their code. At a boutique agile development firm the client has direct access to the hands on technical lead.  Agile methodologies and startup mentality apply.   Managers review the code because they are helping to write it.  They have better insight into more intuitive UX/UI because they are more closely involved with the buildout.

I wrote this post to help businesses of all sizes but particularly small to navigate the wooly world of SEO. This doc can be a roadmap or lantern for the back alleys and thick forests of internet marketing.    Originally conceived for a non technical but highly intelligent SEO client of mine.  SEO, unlike programming is one of those things you want to do very sparingly, only when you have the time to dedicate your heart and soul and are willing to give up some your previous link real estate for sites you control (more on that later).    There was some programming work involved and basically taking over the entire IT infrastructure which is the main reason I was interested, I had also just finished a very successful SEO campaign I was running personally (yes for this site hello!). I was confident on my abilities and what I learned so interested in doing it again.  It also helped my campaign that at this point I had a network of blogs and websites that I knew I could slowly and organically point to my website, I was willing to share a few of these with my client and made sure to not cross link them in such a way so that I would maximize their value/link juice.


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