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Each view generates lots of styles for flexibility with the CSS. A simple solution is to just go into Firebug and search for styles created and find or create them in style.css. The style names correspond to the template file names so you know what .tpl file to look for the HTML output if needed. This example we will be looking at a view I created called ‘Gurus’, for the about page section of a social networking site for yoga teachers.


‘About’ templates for views.

Here we created the views page Activism. I want to create a view that displays 3 trunacated RSS feeds.

This view displays feeds or if there is no feed, the body of the content item. The content type “activistm? has “body field” and “text field” for the feed url.

In the template there is simple template logic to check, “if isset() feed link” if the feed link is set, than display the RSS feeds, otherwise display any text from the node body.


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