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Custom Five Star Module (multiple votes)

This widget allows the Drupal Five Star module to accept inputs from multiple votes for various criteria and average it into one, It then displays the average of the multiple votes.

To create views sortable by the new widget (the average of five votes), hook_votingapi_results_alter() was used in a small custom module.

Below is a tutorial on how to implement the code.

Best practices using multiple votes criteria In node using FiveStar module in Drupal 6.

1. Enable Fivestar module, Voting API.
2. Go to edit content type and Enable Fivestar rating.
3. Add CCK field Type Fivestar Rating with “Fivestar rating” Select list widget.
4. Configure this CCK field: add Voting Axis: which is the multiple criteria separated by a comma. For example: first, second, third, fourth, fifth . Save field settings.
5. Create the template for node type. In this example it is node type is “teacher”. This will be node-teacher.tpl.php .

In the template paste this snippet:

$output = '';
$tags = array(
'first' = t('Communication'),
'second' = t(‘Availability'),
'third' = t(‘Skills'),
'fourth' = t(‘Efficiency'),
'fifth' = t(‘Personality'),
$i = 0;
foreach ($tags as $tag = $title) {
$votes = fivestar_get_votes('node', $node->nid, $tag);
$values = array(
'user' = isset($votes['user']['value']) ? $votes['user']['value'] : NULL,
'average' = isset($votes['average']['value']) ? $votes['average']['value'] : NULL,
'count' = isset($votes['count']['value']) ? $votes['count']['value'] : NULL,

if (user_access('rate content')) { /*check user access for voting in fivestar*/
$settings = array(
'stars' = 5,
'allow_clear' = TRUE,
'style' = 'average',
'text' = 'dual',
'content_type' = 'node',
'content_id' = $node->nid,
'tag' = $tag,
'autosubmit' = TRUE,
'title' = $title,
'feedback_enable' = TRUE,
'labels_enable' = TRUE,
'labels' = array(t('Poor'), t('Okay'), t('Good'), t('Great'), t('Awesome')),
$output .= drupal_get_form('fivestar_custom_widget', $values, $settings);
else {
$output .= theme_fivestar_static($values['average'], 5, $tag);

$reliability_rating = votingapi_select_results(array('content_id' = $node->nid, 'tag' =array('first', 'second', 'third', 'fourth', 'fifth' ), 'function' = 'average'));
foreach ($reliability_rating as $v) {
$a = $a + $v['value]; /*sum values*/
print theme('fivestar_static', $a/$i, '5') ; /* print fivestar widget with general average result*/
print $output; /*print 5 fivestar fields for votes with average result each*/

Check out the module used in this social networking site for yoga teachers, (ignore debug output at top)

Sort By Votes

To create views sortable by votes here is a small custom module that uses hook_votingapi_results_alter().  This is a complete custom module so save this code in a .module file with it’s own .info file.
function mymodule_votingapi_results_alter(&$results, $content_type, $content_id) {
$vote_avg_sum = 0;
$vote_avg_count = 0;
$vote_tags = 0;

foreach($results as $tag = $data) {
if($tag != ‘vote’) {
$vote_avg_sum += $data[‘percent’][‘average’];
$vote_avg_count += $data[‘percent’][‘count’];
if($vote_tags > 0) {
$results[‘vote’][‘percent’][‘average’] = $vote_avg_sum/$vote_tags;
$results[‘vote’][‘percent’][‘count’] = $vote_avg_count/$vote_tags;

1.In views settings add relationships
“Node: Vote results ”

2. configure it
“Value type: No filtering” “Vote tag: Normal vote” “Aggregation function:No filtering”

3. Go to Sort criteria and add
“Vote results: Value”
choose Descending or Ascending.

4. Add the filters that you need.

5. Then you can add to your fields
“Vote results: Value”